• If you have chosen Basics you have to add three scoops of Activize to get the full amount of vitamins for your day. If you have chosen PowerCocktail you don't have to do that if you don't want.


  • Basics

    Sports catalog 
    Here you can read what a massive lot of elite sportsmen and women think about the products and which they use.

  • Activize

    Here you have all B-vitamines in a perfect composition between themselves.

    This is energy in a can which is good for your body compared to all other "energy drinks" on the market that actually can kill you.

    Whenever you feel that you need extra energy, more focus and/or concentration you can drink extra of Activize, as everything is water solulable you can not overdose, if anything you can waste.

    In your morning drink you mix three scoops (a scoop is in every jar) in the same glass of water you poured the Basics-powder in.

    If you for example are to do a total clean up of your house, turn your garden upside down, do training, compete, do an important exam, having a long drive ahead and/or late at night/evening, just a few examples.

    Thanks to the bound caffeine Guarana you will have this energy for 4-6 hours, it will then gradually decrease. That is, you will not have a total dip when the energy wears out (as when you drink coffee).