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  • Treatments

    I finished my Health Therapist education in December 1999 on GGI i Surte, Sweden. The education encluded:

    • Swedish classical massage 
    • Body balancing
    • GGI-Kinesiologi, basic, incl. Relaxation techniques
    • Connective tissue massage, basic/advanced
    • Working-/Sports injuries, basic
    • Basic medicin incl exams
    • Facial massage

    After every treatment we will sit down and talk for a while and during that time you have to drink at least one glass of pure, still water.

    To drink water after a treatment (any treatment) is extra important because the treatment itself loosenes toxins and waste products which your body wants to get rid of, and for that you need water to transport it out.

    A clear signal of you lacking water is headache.

    Please read more about the treatments I offer, in the sublist of Treatments.