• DETOX14 is a thorough "cleaning" of all the cells of the body. 

    • DETOX14 gives the body optimal conditions to feel good. 

    • DETOX14 is a well-developed and proven lifestyle program. 

    • With DETOX14 you get access to free consultation and advice throughout the process

    • With DETOX14 you finally have the opportunity to reach your dream weight.
  • Are you allowed to eat ordinary food when using DETOX14-plan?

    Yes, sure, you can! Four good, simple and healthy meals a day are included in the Lifestyle program.

  • Detox14 Lifestyle program in only 28 days

    An effective and composite lifestyle program -  for optimal health and weight!

    You've probably heard the phrase "You are what you eat!" But have you ever reflected on what it really means? Through the everyday lives of many today, illnesses and ill health are becoming more common. Should we really have it that way?

    DETOX14 is a lifestyle program where the content is carefully designed to get the most effective, fast and safe lifestyle change possible. 

    The human body is made up of about 70,000 billion cells and they require a healthy and nutritious diet to be able to generate energy. 

    If you want to find a lifestyle where you can finally keep the weight and feel good, then the DETOX14 concept is for you!

    With DETOX14 you can gain a weight loss of about 5-12 kg after the first 4 weeks. This is the most effective, safe and durable concept on the market for a healthy weight loss without hunger and suction. Even if you are satisfied with your weight or wish to gain weight, the DETOX14 method is for you, to achieve a body in balance.

  • Cleanses in depth

    DETOX14 is a truly unique detox that really cleanses the body in depth. The detox, as well as the nutrition you add, goes directly to the cells. The uptake of the diet is almost 100% regardless of age, sex or physical  conditions (illnesses, ailments, poor functioning stomach / intestines). 

    What does this mean for you?

    When cells are purified from slag such as toxins, toxins and heavy metals, there is more room for good and beneficial nutrition to take place.

    The cells transform the good nutrition into energy, which in turn makes you feel more energized, and the body works better in every way! 

    In traditional weight loss diets, it is common for both fluid and muscle mass to disappear, while abdominal fat remains. With DETOX14, the opposite happens. With protein-rich foods and amino acids, the abdominal fat disappears while the muscle mass remains. You get optimal combustion even without training. This also contributes to optimal combustion after the program.

    With DETOX14 you are given the opportunity to achieve optimal health and well-being. Why not run the DETOX14 program with your loved ones and motivate each other to do the best for your health! The more - the more fun!

    DETOX14 is recommended from 12 years of age.

    After completing DETOX14, it is recommended to continue with nutritional supplements in order to maintain optimal well-being and their newly acquired good health.

  • What is included in the Detox14 Lifestyle plan?

    You get:

    Simple and effective diet plan.

    Tips on healthy and good meals.

    High quality nutritional supplements.

    Constant help in the form of coaching.

    Access to a Facebook group where questions and tips are given and answered.

    Sustainable results!

    Voluntary education.

    Interesting lectures and meetings.

    Job Opportunities.


    It can't be better than that!

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