• You start your day with one portion bag from Basics and add three scoops of Activize in the same glass. If you have chosen PowerCocktail you don't have to add any extra Activize if you don't want to.Basics.jpg

  • Activize

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  • Basics

    Here you get the solulable and non solulable fibres that cleans you gut system. You could call it your root system just like a tree. Is your gut system healthy your immune system is too.

    Enzymes that helps breaking down the food you eat, so you get a bigger chance to absorb the nutrients it might have.

    Good gut bacterias that helps the body heal itself when the fibres cleaned the area so the good bacterias can come close and do its job.

    Antioxidants, which means vitamines, that helps with neutralizing the free radicals, something almost everyone have too many of. If you have too many free radicals they can make corrosive holes on your cell walls, and that can never lead to anything good.

    Through the years I've learned that head ache, skin problems and allergies comes from a broken bowel that leeks toxins and waste products back into the body, something that should have landed in the toilett. Well, the body has to get rid of it another way then, as it didn't work the natural one, so it has to come up with another solution to dispose of it, and, on that journey we experience different kinds of problems.

    Basics is in portion bags as it is the only way for the company to guarantee the same amount of everything, especially of turmeric, which is the latest addition, in every portion.

    So, you start your day with the morning drink consisting of one bag of Basics together with 3 scoops of Activize (in the same glass of water), that is, if you haven't chosen PowerCocktail where the daily dose is all in that bag.

    Why before breakfast?

    As the nourishments in the drink is water solulable your body will think it's water and will quickly send it right through your stomach. Should it be food there the uptake of the drink will NOT be any 95-98% as it will stay longer in the stomach and be destroyed by the acids there. And you will also NOT get the results you want to. 

    So, get out of bed, mix your drink and drink it, then you can start with your normal morning routines. It would probably have passed at least 5-10 minutes untill you swallow something else and that is quite allright.