• Kinesiology

    What is kinesiology?

    In this line of treatment the muscIes are in focus. Through manual muscle testing the kinesiologist can locate underlying problems, tensions and imbalances in the body, the cause of these and how to treat them. The basic thought is that the body and the subconsious knows what's wrong. The task for the kinesiologist is therefore to ask questions to the muscles and listen to the bodys answer.

    If people are ok, there is no reason for them to lose power. Is there a problem in a certain part of the body, it shows as a weakening of a specific linked muscle. A bad muscle on the thigh for example, is linked to problems in the small intestines, which usually expresses itself as diarrhea. For this person the diarrhea is the problem.

    Kinesiologists work very individually. Some are physically oriented and test and treat muscles for the most part. Others believe that physical problems have spiritual or mental causes and focus more on the underlying energy systems.

    It may be that problems arise in things other than the bad back, shoulder, etc. Causes, for example, can be dietary habits, stress and then only treating the body is seen as half the job. The underlying causes should be sorted out and treated, or they will probably come back again.
    The body that is currently on my bench knows what the problem is. It is just a matter of highlighting and seeking answers in the body's memory. What begins with a physical problem can often end with a mental problem. 

    When locating the blockage and the cause of the imbalance, you test the best balancing method, which can be massage of acupuncture points, muscles and connective tissue or in reflex zones for blood and lymph and more. Here too FitLine comes in as a superb complement.

    I completed my education in Kinesiology at GGI in Surte, December 1999. The course included:

    • Body balancing with meridian and the 8 extra meridians.
    • Anti Gym / Self-examination
    • Biokinesiology with side effect test
    • Energy centers and energies
    • Different communication models
    • Psychological approaches
    • Release of locks and blocks physically, emotionally and mentally.
    • Causes - Effect

    The fact that the heading says exactly GGI-Kinesiology is due to the fact that the founders of GGI have travelled all over the world and picked the goodies from the gigantic spectrum of kinesiological treatment variants.

    The treatment with me goes so that you lie (usually on your back) on my massage bench, while I "talk" to your BODY, ie not with you! Depending on the answers, the treatment can consist of acupressure, touch, massage, healing, balancing, etc. I get the answers from your body.

    It may be that you come to me for help with one or more problems while your body does not prioritize the same problem at all. My job as a kinesiologist is to listen to what your body wants to be helped with.

    In  all situations, it is your body that knows best regardless of who wants to claim something else.

  • 485 SEK

    20-40 min