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  • Restorate

    The good-night-sleep-drink! (goodygood)

    In this drink you get all the minerals and trace elements you need. Also a D-vitaminboost like no other.

    You pour the powder, three scoops (or a bag), in a dry glass, fill it with still water, let it sizzle out and then drink it in two or three rounds within 10-15 minutes.

    You should take it 30-60 minutes before you go to bed.

    When the body absorbs the minerals it mainly affects the nervous system, so that it becomes calmer, in other words, you fall asleep easier and once you have fallen asleep, you get longer, deeper sleep than you usually do.

    The restorative ingredients in the drink reduce the acid rate in your body. So what does it mean?

    I must start by explaining that most of us are acidified, meaning we have a very low level of pH value. This means that our body is receptive to every virus around, meaning you can't get rid of one unless you catch another, such as stomachflu and etc.

    Viruses and bacteria, etc., thrive in an acidic environment, so finding an acidic body is a catch for them!

    An acidic body does not burn fat either, something you should consider if you want to adjust your body weight. In this case, take a portion of Restorate 15-20 minutes after each meal.

    So, yep, Restorate normalizes your pH value, so that you become increasingly resistant to colds, viruses and etc.

    It also improves your skin, hair and nails. 

    If you have exerted physical effort in some way, you can take an extra portion 30-45 minutes after training, to help you get rid of lactic acid. You will then get none or relatively little muscle soreness.

    So, with taking extra Activize before training, you can work out longer and harder, and with extra Restorate after workout, you will get the optimal recovery.