• Business massage

    Healthy companies are successful companies

    The fact that the staff are feeling well and feeling balance and well-being is a prerequisite for their daily life and for a successful workplace.

    The staff is today the most important raw material a company has and the staff's quality is crucial to the success factor.

    For the employee's part, it not only means increased job satisfaction. When work is over, plenty of energy and stamina are left for both family and a fun time activities.

    Getting the unmotivated started 

    It's about different levels of maturity. At first, you may not go to a masseur until you really hurt somewhere, instead of preventing the evil by having a massage, for example, periodically. But - changing their lifestyle does not happen either by chance or overnight but through a goal-oriented investment.

    Why massage?

    The increasingly increasing noise, internal and external demands we have on us contribute to stress, concern and restlessness. Therefore, we must actively learn to be in the moment, relax and give us peace and quiet - time for recovery.

    To be relaxed has a direct connection with inspiration, creativity, concentration, learning and fast recovery - vital ingredients for both the individual and the company to develop, grow and feel good, ie having a good health long-term.

    To shift focus from ill health to health

    In order to create healthy businesses, it is therefore necessary to promote promotion, that is, working with the healthy and that which is good instead of focusing only on problems and ill health.

    Active healthcare - why?

    The importance of service

    To take care of a new car is something quite obvious, why? Because you know that if you don't, the car will decrease in value and in time also decrease in funcionality. If a lamp is warning you that something is wrong you immidiately do something about it, fill up more oil for example ... instead of cutting the wire to the lamp.

    How do you do with your life?

    To wait to take action untill you get sick is just as stupid as not taking care of your care because it's working right now. If you only care when you allready are sick is like throwing your service book away and keep driving untill the engine cracks or brakes down

    To lower your stress level

    The combination of massage and the mental relaxation together with music makes you relax in both your body and your brain. That also lowers your stress hormone kortisol so your body once again can prioritize in a better way, rebuild, recover and function in a balances way.


    By mental relaxation you paus and give your body time to reload the batteries, which will give you refreshed energy when you are back at work again.

    Increased cirkulation

    The massage stimulates the muscles and increases the blood flow in addition to transporting trash out of your body.

    Better sleep

    The wellness hormone Oxytocin, is released by massage. This hormon decreases your stress hormones and starts your bodys self healing abilities. Blood pressure and puls decreases and you will get calmer and a better sleep. This is important as sleep has a restorative funktion.

    Last, but certainly not the least

    How high is the sick absence in your company right now? What would you actually gain from offer health care/massage to your staff?