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  • Connective tissue massage

    Connective tissue massage is a treatment that increases blood flow, releasing toxins and reduce nervous tension in the body. It helps the muscles to relax, relieve muscle pain, joint pain, chronic pain and swelling.

    Since the dense connective tissue and poor circulation is one of the causes of cellulite,  the connective tissue massage is extra successfull with this problem.

    The treatment is always tailored to your needs depending on what symptoms you have, how tight your connective tissue is and where you have your pain threshold. Only women get cellulite but connective tissue massage is equally suitable for men who need increased circulation and removal of waste products from the body.

    The list of problems that are alleviated or completely disappeared is very long. Connective tissue massage is the perfect treatment of someone who has fibromyalgia. A treatment can then extend over 2-4 times depending on how much pain you have. An outstanding complement is also Fitline.

    Most people feel an improvement after just one treatment but to get the full effect you should expect at least three treatments, optimally within a week.

    Very many have had negative experiences in getting connective tissue massage, there can be various reasons, but one may have in mind is that it is OK to sence good-evil pain, evil-evil pain is never ok.

    The treatment is done on the skin, without oil.

    To consider:
    Take off the jewelry in the area to be massaged.


  • 485 SEK

    Max 30 minutes