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    Colloidal Silver - the mineral that strengthens the immune system, while helping the body with unwelcome bacteria, fungi and viruses.

    Did you know that there is an easy help to get that can cure most of our most common infections? The aid is called colloidal silver - a product that consists of distilled water and billions of microscopic silver particles. 

    These silver particles usually exist in two forms. Partly in loose form, so-called ionic form. Partly in particulate form where silver in elemental form exists as particles of very small size.

    Depending on the manufacturing process, the mutual distribution may differ somewhat, but the most common form of colloidal silver usually consists of about 80-90% ionic silver and the rest in particulate form. It is very important that the purest possible silver is used in the manufacturing process, so that only silver and not other alloys are included in the product.

    99.99% pure silver is usually used by serious manufacturers and it is basically as pure silver as one can produce. Sterling silver should definitely not be used as it is an alloy containing copper.

    The particles and ions are so small that if one were to make a box with the volume one cubic millimeter, it would hold over a billion silver ions in the box. Each ion has the ability to neutralize a fungus, bacterium or virus. 

    What makes colloidal silver even more interesting is the way it kills. Silver has a very strong oxidative capacity. The silver ions are absorbed by the microorganisms and cause disarray in the organism's internal chemical processes.

    It is widely believed that the way in which colloidal silver kills makes it extremely difficult for microorganisms to mutate and create resistance to the silver. Colloidal silver can be seen as the solution to the dilemma of multiresistant bacterial strains that at present no longer respond to various penicillin treatments. 

    Why then is not this where man's knowledge can be asked? The answer lies in the fact that it is a far too simple solution for the pharmaceutical industry to profit enough from it. Pharmaceutical companies do not really have as their primary goal to make people healthy, they have almost exclusively financial goals on the agenda. Surprised? Pharmaceutical companies must generate as much return for their shareholders as possible. You can only do this if you work with patentable substances, which is not colloidal silver. You are also dependent on obtaining an exclusive right to the substance for ten to fifteen years, ie enough time to milk as much of the market as possible. Since, through the monopoly stand with the substance, you can also determine the price of the product how you want, then there are good conditions for making big money. No wonder we have drug costs in the country that are starting to approach astronomical levels!

    Since the drug companies do not want to interfere with colloidal silver, especially in the United States, a popular movement has emerged that experimented with colloidal silver. It is estimated that today there are millions of people around the world using colloidal silver, and the number is growing every day. In the US alone, an estimated 10 million users are expected .

    This makes the drug companies nervous.
    Perhaps interesting to the reader is the fact that today colloidal silver, produced by pharmaceutical companies, is also used
    in our large Swedish hospitals, among other things. for various infected wound injuries! 
    This despite the fact that in the academic world, with a fool's insistence, it is stated that colloidal silver has no bactericidal effect. 

    If people could cure themselves - it would mean less money to share for the pharmaceutical companies, right? To remedy the situation, the companies have special groups that do nothing but deal with disinformation about colloidal silver. For example, after September 11, when Anthrax began to spread, it was a wise mayor of a city in Florida who explained in the media that if anthrax were to find his way to his city, they were prepared. 

    The mayor explained that they had a contingency plan that was based on distributing colloidal silver to citizens. This statement took such a screw that the pharmaceutical companies brought together their "experts" in the area and threw the mayor out of his naive statements in an area he was not aware of at all. According to the "experts", colloidal silver would be seen as something that did not work at all, was totally ineffective and could even harm the user through silver poisoning, so-called Argyrios. Through the media's provision, the pharmaceutical companies succeeded in getting the visionary mayor to pack up and leave his post.

    Argyriosis is a phenomenon found in a few cases in the early 1900s, when in fact many drugs were silver-based. It was a purely cosmetic condition that you could suffer from if you accumulated around ten grams of silver in body tissue. People who were affected could assume a little blue-gray hue, but otherwise they felt good. The fact is that despite the fact that pharmaceutical companies nowadays throw away the use of silver for bacterial control, it was in the early 1900s, right up to the penicillin's entry in the early 1930s, the most effective companies themselves had to access! Silver was involved in everything from nasal drops to intravenous injections directly into the bloodstream. Unfortunately, silver was very expensive at that time. This, combined with the fact that the manufacturing technology of the time did not allow the small particle sizes that we can enjoy today in today's colloidal silver. In addition, the silver was mixed with, for example, nitric acid to obtain silver nitrate, a highly corrosive and highly coloring substance.

    Silver nitrate containing large silver particles is the substance that the pharmaceutical companies are trying to equate with the electrocolloidal silver that is available today. However, there is a very big difference between them. The particles used at that time were produced by chemical means, or by grinding the silver by mechanical means. The large particle size caused the silver particles to get stuck in the cell membranes and accumulate. When enough silver has accumulated in the body, the person in question could adopt a blue-gray tone. Today, the particles are thousands of times smaller and cannot possibly get trapped in the cell membranes, without passing in and out of the body.

    Although  wrong would assume that all the silver we get through colloidal silver would accumulate in the body - then it would take about a thousand liters to get up to ten grams of silver. Since the most common colloidal silver products contain about 10 ppm (parts per million), which equals 10 milligrams of silver per liter of liquid, it would take a user more than twenty-seven years to get there - at a consumption of one deciliter of colloidal silver a day! More realistic levels of consumption are around a few teaspoons, to half a deciliter in therapeutic contexts. At half a deciliter a day, it would take over 54 years to collect ten grams of silver, and at a few teaspoons a day it would take hundreds of years! This is based on the assumption that all silver was accumulated, and none of it left the body.

    Now it is true that silver particles in the size it is about, about 0.01 to 0.001 microns in size, are far too small to be able to get stuck in the body. By comparison, the red blood cells are about 8 microns in size. The silver particles go around with the blood, do what they should, and then go out with mainly faeces, but also to a certain extent the urine after completion. However, small amounts can be absorbed by the body temporarily for use in the build-up of immune functions. It has been shown that silver is actively used by the immune system in the creation of the T lymphocytes, one of the body's white blood cells.

    There are people who have been drinking colloidal silver for a long time, while carefully monitoring and analyzing the content of silver in both urine and blood. It has been found that the silver is only borrowed by the body for a while, and then it is excreted through the urine. It is thus clearly stated that colloidal silver does not cause any large accumulation of silver in the body.

    Thus, colloidal silver has not only been shown to kill bacteria, viruses and bacilli - it also stimulates the immune system, according to data published as early as 1916 in the American gynecologist's journal "Transactions of the American Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists". It was found in the studies that were carried out that intake of colloidal silver actually caused the body to double the number of white blood cells - a short period of leukocytosis, that is, the body's defense capacity increased greatly.

    Today's extremely finely divided colloidal silver is many times more effective than it was available in the early 1900s, when it contains much more silver ions in the liquid. The more and the less silver ions a colloidal silver contains, the more effective it is. Since each silver ion can kill a microorganism, you understand how effective even very small amounts can be. In the early 1900s, the silver particles were ground into mechanical mills, which led to abnormally large - and above all, varying sizes of the particles. Particles that were so heavy that they quickly lost their charge and then fell to the bottom of the bottle. The effective shelf life could last for a week. Today's colloidal silver has a shelf life that can be counted this year. In the early 1900s, colloidal silver was the best thing to do when struggling with a severe illness. The price was also thereafter. A treatment with colloidal silver could at that time cost with today's money measured, equivalent to about SEK 4000! The silver was usually injected intravenously directly into the bloodstream. Many survived many difficult-to-treat diseases this way and were grateful to have had the opportunity to be treated with colloidal silver.

    Silver is an important trace element used by the body, especially in the context of the immune system.

    On a healthy individual, there are large amounts of silver, especially the thymus glands (the bumps) and the tonsils, both important components of the body's immune system. The thymus gland is actually the site of maturation of one of the body's white blood cells, the so-called T lymphocytes. Unfortunately, today there are very few doctors who even know that silver is used by the immune system. Over time, we hope that more and more people will learn about this important link.

    One can draw a parallel with the discovery of how important the mineral iodine is to the function of the human organism. It was not until the 1930s that you discovered that if you did not receive a daily dose of a few million grams of iodine, you soon developed thyroid problems in the form of a so-called stroma. Nowadays we have iodine-enriched salt which ensures that we do not suffer from iodine deficiency! The mineral silver has the same important place to fill in the body, albeit with a focus on the immune system! Since silver has such a good effect on bacteria, fungi and viruses, it would be surprising if evolution did not see its use in humans and animals.

    The problem is that thanks to artificial fertilizers today, we do not receive much silver through the diet. Artificial fertilizers make sure that our soils are leached from the important minerals that our bodies are so dependent on. It goes without saying that if you grow crops year after year and then only for the return of potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus, the soil will be drained of vital minerals quite quickly.

    Silver is normally found in much of the food we eat. For example, milk and bananas normally contain relatively high amounts. It is expected that you should get around 100 micrograms of silver via the diet every day. This corresponds to about two teaspoons of colloidal silver of 10 ppm strength - so it is easy to offset the loss from the diet by taking colloidal silver as a dietary supplement.

    Nu är det ju dock så att EU har beslutat att Kolloidalt Silver inte längre får klassas som ett kosttillskott - detta efter en mångårig lobbying från "intressenter" som velat stoppa detta preparat till förmån för deras egna artificiella och patenterade preparat (och därmed konkurrensskyddade.....) Vi kan därför ej längre kalla eller referera Kolloidalt Silver som ett kosttillskott utan vi är nu hänvisade till att kalla det för en vattenreningsprodukt.

    In fact, colloidal silver is ideally suited for water purification. One to two percent admixture of colloidal silver with 10 ppm strength, disinfects drinking water for a long time. The silver ions kill bacteria, viruses and fungi and make sure they cannot reproduce uninhibitedly. Colloidal silver is definitely a cheap way to make sure that third-world people have access to clean drinking water! Sending down equipment for the production of colloidal silver to people in third worlds would be one of the absolute best ways to help them get things organized. This way, you would be helped to purify your water, while at the same time you can easily treat various infections. In addition, the colloidal silver has the additional advantage that it acts as a parallel immune system. when the silver ions we swallow go into the bloodstream and kill viruses, bacteria and fungi. Unfortunately, there is no silver in multivitamin tablets.

    An American report named "Earth Summit Report" from 1992, states that 100 years ago we had about eighty-five percent more minerals in our soils. A scary finding considering that minerals are even more important to the body than even vitamins. Without minerals, the body simply stops. Minerals are used as a kind of catalysts in many chemical processes in the body, and must therefore be there for us to function. The body is able to synthesize many different vitamins, but minerals cannot survive without it. The leaching of our soils from minerals is clearly a major reason why so many people suffer from diseases in today's society! This is a fact that our politicians need to be more aware of!

    Silver has been used for the control of microorganisms since ancient times. The ancient Greeks clad the inside of water and wine barrels with silver, the contents stayed fresh much longer then. American settlers used the trick to put a silver dollar in the milk, then it did better. Even in Sweden, at the beginning of the 20th century, they knew the value of putting a silver jar in the water vessels to counteract the water being joked prematurely.

    Some agencies, mostly disinformation groups from the pharmaceutical companies, claim that it would be harmful to get silver. While others claim it is harmless. The UN agency WHO has recently released all upper limit values ​​for pure elemental silver - due to the fact that elementary and ionic silver has been found to cause no harm to the human body. The Swedish Food Agency has not issued any restrictions regarding silver, but there are various foods that contain silver as an ingredient.

    Silver has been approved as a dye in the food context. In the grocery stores you can buy a product from the company "Santa Maria" called "Silver balls". It looks just as it sounds. The product is used extensively as a decoration for cakes and pastries. It simply consists of sugar balls that are coated with a thin outer layer of pure silver - the color E 174. If you look more closely at how much silver a 3 mm ball actually consists of, you are a little surprised. Namely, one ball corresponds to about 30 ml of 10 ppm of strong colloidal silver, ie about 6 teaspoons. If now silver would be dangerous to get in, how in the world could it be that you can buy it at ICA? And how can you then sprinkle it on ice cream, cakes and pastries and let children eat 20-30 pieces, without worrying?

    In the thirteenth century when the plague ravaged, the nobility often managed to get infected. This is attributed to the fact that silver plates and silver cups were used. This way, silver ions were obtained in sufficient quantity to help kill the bacteria that caused the plague. They also gave their children a silver button or a silver spoon to suck on. The silver ions worn off gave the children a natural protection against the bacteria that spread the plague. It is from this custom that the term "To be born with silver spoon in mouth" comes. In China there are ancient traditions such as recommends that people always have a silver item at home, in case someone is bitten by a rabid infected dog. In this case, the silver object must be rubbed in the wound and that way clear from the infection. In his book "Colloid Chemistry"

    Historical texts note that serious medical tests of colloidal silver date back to the 1880s, when colloidal silver was used to treat typhoid and anthrax with good results.

    In the early 1900s, much research was done on colloidal silver. Unfortunately, much of the old knowledge has been lost as the scientists and doctors who have been in the know have left us. Fortunately, there are a lot of notes in the form of published works and books.

    Dr. Henry Crookes is usually regarded as the father of the wide use of colloidal silver in the early 1900s. He used it to, among other things, subject to gonorrhea, tuberculosis, staphylococci and other infectious microorganisms. His scientific reports summarized that there is no known microbe that could not be killed by colloidal silver in the laboratory within six minutes.

    In 1915, Dr. A. Leggeroe found that colloidal silver not only protected the eyes of newborns, but also worked well in adults. He found it to be the unmatched best solution he has found for eye infections. He noted that colloidal silver never caused any side effects and never led to any visual impairment. A really nasty eye infection was found to disappear by just a single treatment with colloidal silver. Compare that with many antibiotic-based ointments that take a week before you - if you are lucky, get good results.

    Dr. Malcolm Morris reported in 1917 that colloidal silver worked very well in the treatment of enlarged and inflamed prostates in men. Cereal fluids that occasionally bleed are often a sign of inflammation in the prostate. Treatment by drinking colloidal silver has been found to be very effective for this type of infection. He also found that hemorrhoids responded very favorably to the substance. He also later showed that eczema was better by colloidal silver.

    Around 1925, there were many large livestock farms in the United States. Many animals died of various viruses and bacterial infections. The best weapon the veterinarians had at that time was colloidal silver. It was used with great success.

    Diphtheria and tetanus (tetanus) were a real scourge in the early 1900s. Scientists tested the poison on laboratory animals to try to find solutions to the problems. In 1919, Dr. Alfred Searle succeeded with the help of colloidal silver, protecting rabbits from deadly doses of tetanus. The rabbits who received colloidal silver survived doses that were more than five times the usual lethal dose!

    Dr. J Mark Hovel reported in the British Medical Journal that colloidal silver was especially good at controlling viruses. His studies included i.a. whooping cough, throat and nose infections. The common cold receded much faster in the presence of colloidal silver, he noted.

    Interest in colloidal silver declined in the 1940s and 1950s, due to the invention of the antibiotic.

    The drug companies abandoned the silver and laid all research on the patentable antibiotic substances discovered. Unfortunately, at that time, they did not know that they were facing a huge problem with the emerging resistance development that antibiotic preparations are causing. You would continue to invest in colloidal silver that does not give rise to resistance development. The difference lies in the fact that antibiotics release bacteria from poisoning. Over time, a microorganism can mutate and become resistant to a poison. Colloidal silver kills as mentioned earlier instead by choking the microorganism. In fact, the silver kills bacteria, fungi and viruses on three different levels - catalytic oxidation, reaction with the cell membranes and inhibition of DNA replication.

    In 1963, it was found that colloidal silver was unmatched in killing prokaryotic yeasts and fungi. Colloidal silver research was resumed in the 1970s when Dr. Carl Moyer, Dr. H. Margarf and Dr. L. Bretano received federal money to conduct a study that would lead to finding better solutions to treat burn injuries. Most antiseptic agents used for these purposes created more side effects than effects. Antibiotics worked only a short time before the bacteria became resistant. In addition, no antibiotics could contain the bacterium Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, a feared bacterium that invades many burn wounds. After reading some medical literature from the early 1900s, Dr. Margarf began experimenting with colloidal silver. He found that even very small amounts of colloidal silver killed Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, and that the tissue healed twice as fast. According to many analysts, colloidal silver gets the adjacent tissue to regress to stem cell-like structures - and the tissue regenerates faster, with less scar tissue as a result.

    There is another technology that utilizes silver's ability to convert cells into stem cells - Robert O. Becker has developed it, and it is based on the fact that with the help of a silver-based compress in combination with electrical stimulation of the tissue, fingertips can be cut of accidents, to grow out completely again. This with full feel and fingerprints intact! This can also be achieved with wraps soaked in colloidal silver it has been found.

    Robert O. Becker also made the fantastic discovery that cells exposed to silver ions actually differentiate and turn into stem cells. These cells, in turn, can differentiate and become the specialized cell type, such as skin or bone cell, as the area in which the cell is located requires. This is the explanation why wounds and burns heal more effectively and more quickly in contact with colloidal silver. At the same time, the colloidal silver keeps the area bacteria free so that it does not suffer from infections during healing. Dr. Bretano found that colloidal silver was the best burn antiseptic he ever found. He noted that no matter how much or how often it is used, it does not color the skin in the same way that other silver compounds such as silver nitrate or silver sulpha do. He also noted that the bacteria do not develop resistance to colloidal silver, as does the use of regular antibiotics. He published his findings in the magazine "Surgical Forum". Hard-to-heal leg wounds, often affecting especially diabetic people, heal with the help of wraps soaked in colloidal silver.

    Researchers at the War Veterans Hospital in Syracuse, New York, found that colloidal silver was ten to a hundred times more effective than the usual preparations previously used in fighting bacteria.

    Mushrooms can create a lot of trouble when they invade a body and settle on finger and toenails, skin, scalp and feet. The most common fungal infection is foot fungus, which causes itchy cracks between the toes. In 1976, Dr. TJ Berger found that a treatment with colloidal silver was enough to get rid of foot fungus. Nail fungus that is incredibly difficult to get rid of actually goes away by drinking colloidal silver. It may take a few months, but it works. Look at Coyote Zenterprizes  and there is a good example with a picture.

    In 1977, Dr. William Foye showed that colloidal silver worked well as a treatment for tonsillitis, malignant snout and eye infections. Colloidal silver has also been used for malaria treatment and syphilis. Many women suffering from recurrent urinary tract infections and fungal infections find that preventive use of colloidal silver is the best way to get rid of the infection.

    In 1978, Dr. Jim Powell wrote an article in "Science Digest" in which he pointed out how much more effective colloidal silver was in relation to the usual antibiotics used by healthcare. Unfortunately, it is the strong market forces that ensure that we still use the less good and less desirable alternative in health care. From an efficiency point of view, resistance development point of view and not least from a safety point of view, it should be colloidal silver we use instead! The safety of colloidal silver is superior to that of antibiotics.

    Antibiotics can cause allergic reactions in the user, which in severe cases can cause anaphylactic shock. Antibiotics, as you know, kill all the bacteria in the body and especially affect the good strains of bacteria we have in the gut, which help us digest and digest food. This is why so many people get diarrhea when they are given an antibiotic course. Colloidal silver that is swallowed is absorbed in the stomach and upper part of the small intestine, and has no appreciable effect on the good bacteria in the intestine. Antibiotics are also known to be able to create other problems, especially in long-term cures. There are many examples of people suffering from food intolerance, such as lactose intolerance, as a result of an antibiotic course.

    Another downside of the use of antibiotics is that fungi type Candida take over when the good bacteria are killed. This gives rise to fungal infections that can be difficult to get rid of. The candidate fungus is kept in check by the good bacteria type acidophilus and bifidus.

    In 1992, Dr. Farber of Texas noted that he was suffering from a difficult-to-treat form of lyme disease . Despite countless antibiotic treatments, he never really got rid of the disease. The bacterial bacteria mutated and always came back. It was only after he medicated himself with silver for more than six months that he became completely free from the treacherous tick-borne bacteria - Spirochetes. Dr. Farber has written a book - "The micro silver bullet", which is about his struggle and the experiences he then made of silver in his treatment of patients. Among other things, Dr. Farber has treated AIDS patients with very good results.

    MS, multiple sclerosis, an autoimmune disease, is a disease that, according to many, colloidal silver works well against. Nadine A. Wooley has written a book, "How to Beat Multiple Sclerosis," in which she describes her fight against the disease and how she cured herself with colloidal silver. MS is simply expressed in that the body's immune system begins to destroy the protective myelin layer that surrounds certain nerve fibers. Doctors say it is an autoimmune disease that is caused by the body's failure to respond. Others claim that MS is due to the Borrelia Mylophora mycoplasm hiding in the myelin of the nerves. Thus, the body's fault does not respond but simply tries to eliminate the invaders who are hiding in the myelin!

    Cancer is another area where great successes have been achieved with colloidal silver. Cancer establishes itself in the body and spreads as metastases mainly in a body with a reduced immune system. Many cancers are also believed to be caused by viruses. Robert O. Becker showed in a study conducted in vitro that tumors exposed to silver ions actually receded and became stem cells. A theory of tumors is based on the fact that they are the result of cells that have lost their innermost growth information. The cells simply do not know what the body wants you to do. The ability of the silver ions to make cells differentiate proved to work even on cancer cells with the result that the tumors dissolved and became stem cells. There are examples of women diagnosed with breast cancer who, after diagnosis, started drinking colloidal silver.

    This is what an American cancer doctor, Dr. Gary Smith, says: "How can this natural element act so powerfully on the human body? Because the trace of silver is such a vital function in our bodies that without it we would not exist. Like other minerals. "Calcium, zinc, magnesium and copper are so vital to our health. The body needs silver to fight disease-causing organisms and some scientists now believe that the lack of silver can be the cause of many of our modern diseases." Dr. Gary Smith, a pioneer in cancer research, has seen a clear link between low silver levels and disease. People who have low silver levels were often found to be sick and have countless colds, flu, fever and other diseases. Smith has said he believes that silver is the key to a properly functioning immune system. He bases his theory on the fact that silver is absolutely necessary for the body to destroy bacteria and viruses.

    Dr. Smith uses silver in his treatment of cancer patients: 
    "Success is governed by the amount of silver in a person's body and the adversity of the lack of silver in the body. When silver is present, the cancer cells dedifferentiate and the body is restored. When the silver levels are low, the cancer cells can grow unhindered - because the cells can't dedifferentiate. I also think that the body's silver deposits have a great effect on the body's ability to destroy viruses and bacteria. I think silver deficiency is possibly one of the biggest causes of cancer existing and increasing in such a rapid way! "  

    In other words, the lack of silver in our bodies may be  an  important key to why cancer is becoming more and more common in today's society.

    Colloidal silver is harmless to use. Dr. John Barltrop at the University of Toronto, Canada, has conducted colloidal silver toxicity tests. He found in tests on rats that even in very large quantities, colloidal silver was completely non-toxic to the body. Also, doses corresponding to 300,000 ppm, ie, in principle 30000 times stronger than the modern colloidal silver of 10 ppm, did not produce any toxic rashes in the test animals.

    According to the poison control center at the US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), colloidal silver is considered completely harmless. The low silver levels are considered to be of purely homeopathic levels. They are so low that many doctors smile and question how such low levels of a substance can have any effect at all - other than a purely placebo-like one! This, at the same time as their pharmaceutical companies sponsored colleagues are worried about how toxic and dangerous colloidal silver is! A rather hilarious situation, to say the least.

    Dr. Samuel Etris, a consultant to the American Silver Institute, says there has never been any allergic, toxic or cancerous reaction as a result of the use of colloidal silver. The US government's Center for Disease Control confirmed this in 1995.

    In 1966, Dr. IH Lipton reported in the journal "Health Physics" that the ideal daily intake for silver is somewhere around 100 micrograms. Silver is an important trace element used by the body just like selenium and zinc. 100 micrograms corresponds to about two teaspoons of colloidal silver with a strength of 10 ppm.

    Bacteria, viruses and fungi cause many of the minor illnesses we suffer today, ranging from sniffing and colds to food poisoning. We get many of these diseases when we live among people walking and spreading microorganisms. By spraying colloidal silver in the nose, mouth and throat region, we can kill many viruses and bacteria that would otherwise multiply enough to make us sick. When Colloidal Silver was still classified as a dietary supplement, people who occasionally drank a few teaspoons of colloidal silver each morning experienced that they did not get colds as often as before.

    The most effective way to take colloidal silver is to hold the liquid in your mouth for a few minutes. The silver ions are then absorbed via the sublingual part under the tongue and transported directly into the bloodstream. When you have had the colloidal silver in your mouth for a few minutes, you can gargle for a short while and then swallow it. One advantage of having it in your mouth for a while, is that you get help with killing a variety of carcinogenic bacteria, which could otherwise cause holes in the teeth. Even beginning problems with periodontitis, tooth loss, you can get help by keeping the silver in your mouth for a while. Most people improve their dental health dramatically when they start using colloidal silver in this way.

    Since colloidal silver basically kills all known microorganisms, while being completely harmless to humans and animals, it should be one of the most important things to have at home in the medicine cabinet. Colloidal silver that is sprayed into the throat region usually has to be overcome with the stinging that can occur in the throat during colds. The burning usually disappears after about ten minutes. Spray abundantly and often.

    New findings also indicate that some electrical allergies have a fantastic effect on their electrical allergy with colloidal silver. The reason for this is unknown. Perhaps the reason is that electrical allergies are largely caused by pathogenic microorganisms. The systemic infection lowers the immune system so much that the body finds it difficult to defend itself against electromagnetic variations in the environment, however, this is not entirely investigated.

    Since colloidal silver can no longer be claimed to have medical effects or be a dietary supplement, we can only relate to how it was previously proposed to treat various infestations of microorganisms such as bacteria.

    At the same time, draw in air so that the fog follows down your throat. Follow up by spraying a few times in the nose. Pull in through the nose while spraying, so the spray is best distributed. Repeat this every half hour for the first few hours. Then switch to spraying once in a while, but as I said - don't quit too soon. How much you want to spray each time is up to you. The richer you spray, the more chance you have of winning over the invaders. Remember that you have the greatest chance of getting rid of colds, for example, by spraying colloidal silver in the nose, eyes and throat for preventative purposes. It is these entrances that our invisible invaders use when they attack us. Colds, which are virus-based, are more difficult to reach once they are established in the body. " Pull in through the nose while spraying, so the spray is best distributed. Repeat this every half hour for the first few hours. Then switch to spraying once in a while, but as I said - don't quit too soon. How much you want to spray each time is up to you. The richer you spray, the more chance you have of winning over the invaders. Remember that you have the greatest chance of getting rid of colds, for example, by spraying colloidal silver in the nose, eyes and throat for preventative purposes. It is these entrances that our invisible invaders use when they attack us. Colds, which are virus-based, are more difficult to reach once they are established in the body. " Pull in through the nose while spraying, so the spray is best distributed. Repeat this every half hour for the first few hours. Then switch to spraying once in a while, but as I said - don't quit too soon. How much you want to spray each time is up to you. The richer you spray, the more chance you have of winning over the invaders. Remember that you have the greatest chance of getting rid of colds, for example, by spraying colloidal silver in the nose, eyes and throat for preventative purposes. It is these entrances that our invisible invaders use when they attack us. Colds, which are virus-based, are more difficult to reach once they are established in the body. " but as I said - don't quit too soon. How much you want to spray each time is up to you. The richer you spray, the more chance you have of winning over the invaders. Remember that you have the greatest chance of getting rid of colds, for example, by spraying colloidal silver in the nose, eyes and throat for preventative purposes. It is these entrances that our invisible invaders use when they attack us. Colds, which are virus-based, are more difficult to reach once they are established in the body. " but as I said - don't quit too soon. How much you want to spray each time is up to you. The richer you spray, the more chance you have of winning over the invaders. Remember that you have the greatest chance of getting rid of colds, for example, by spraying colloidal silver in the nose, eyes and throat for preventative purposes. It is these entrances that our invisible invaders use when they attack us. Colds, which are virus-based, are more difficult to reach once they are established in the body. " It is these entrances that our invisible invaders use when they attack us. Colds, which are virus-based, are more difficult to reach once they are established in the body. " It is these entrances that our invisible invaders use when they attack us. Colds, which are virus-based, are more difficult to reach once they are established in the body. "

    Tests have shown that colloidal silver is so potent that it stops and kills several of the bacteria with which healthcare is currently having problems. Bacterial strains that have long been fought with various antibiotics - and which have resulted in a lot of resistant bacterial strains. The hospital's Staphylococcus Aureus, for example, is easily killed by colloidal silver with 5 ppm strength. Likewise, salmonella, E. coli, enterobacteria, pneumococci and streptococci to name a few.

    Medical science has long known that silver has bactericidal and disinfecting properties. Prior to Penicillin's entry into the market, many medications contained silver as an active ingredient. Unfortunately, the doctors abandoned the silver and devoted themselves to more economically rewarding preparations. However, there are healthcare products that even today use the silver's bactericidal and healing effect. Examples of these are burn patches, various ointments and urethral catheters, silver chloride, etc. mm.

    Another is lapis, or silver nitrate, a mixture of silver and nitric acid used to fight, among other things. plantar warts. In the past, Lapis was what was dropped in the eyes of newborns to kill bacteria that could otherwise cause eye damage in newborns. There are also more and more products that contain silver as a bactericidal substance. Especially in Japan, the opportunities have been realized. Refrigerators now have silver ions built into the plastic, all to reduce bacterial growth. There are socks with woven silver threads that prevent bad odors. Cutting boards, counters, toilet seats, ATMs, paints and sweaters are other examples of products that are beginning to use silver. Japanese car manufacturer Toyota has even developed a special steering wheel containing silver particles.

    If you want to know more, the Internet is a gold mine. Search for "colloidal silver" as it is called in English, or "colloidal silver" in Swedish, so you will find a lot to read about different experiences and uses.

    Here are some links to serious "sites" that deal with the field of colloidal silver:


    In summary, it can only be stated that the exploitation of the silver's bactericidal effect could be very bigger than it is today. But with growing insight, we are moving towards an increasingly bright future where, with the help of silver, we can have better control over bacteria, viruses and fungi in our environment - without being able to mutate and come back in an even more nasty and aggressive form!

    This little script is left in the service of humanity. Please copy it. Spread it to loved ones . Let us together show the powers that only think of their quarterly reports, that now it is time for us ordinary people to take matters into their own hands.

    Colloidal silver is unbeatable in taking care of many of the infections we suffer from. At the same time, silver is needed to build a well-functioning immune system. In addition, it is completely harmless to humans and animals. Yet it is the pharmaceutical companies that control what should be considered medicine - only unnatural patentable substances that create imbalances in the body.

    The pharmaceutical companies have succeeded in duping all the earth's governments into believing that they work for the good of the people. In fact, it is the financial interests that govern. All natural alternatives are stopped and removed by disinformation.

    It is time for humanity to act and say that now we have had enough. Are there good natural alternatives to the usual "drugs" - then of course they should be used and not blocked, slandered and hidden - Or how?

    If the state, which now finds that the costs of drugs are now galloping, was a bit smart - an independent commission would be set up that was tasked with evaluating all the alternatives offered, both natural ones - and those manufactured by pharmaceutical companies. That way we had hoped to get an impartial assessment, lots of functioning natural alternatives, healthier people and a more prosperous state finance.

    If you would like to study in depth about silver and silver in colloidal form, I ask that you sit down  comfortably and share the information you find via the link: 

    FootnoteAll references to "colloidal silver" apply to the subject in general and are based on the collective experience that users worldwide have of the subject. Some books have been written about colloidal silver also, unfortunately nothing in Swedish, yet. As current legislation prevents us from associating products with these statements, neither is it done. All claims are only conveyed just as they appear in the literature. This means that you as a reader can get the same information by reading a book on the subject.

    Since colloidal silver is now only a water purification product, no medical claims can be made on the effect of the product. So we do not claim anything about the product, we only convey what is already read about the product through other channels!

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