• Pregnant massage is suitable for most pregnant. Several studies  shows that the massage can reduce anxiety, reduce muscle pain, increase the circulation, releases muscle tensions and head ache and is also a way to get an easier childbirth

    Please talk to your midwife about the pregnant massages benifits and how it would suit you.

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  • Pregnant massage

    Starting from week 12 to the end of the pregnancy, you can have massage to ease tensions in your back and neck, swollen feet and legs or just to get some relaxation in general.

    The massage will be given as it suits your needs, how far you are in your pregnancy and what seems to give you the best result.

  • 485 SEK
    ca 30 min Half body massage

    Here I'm focusing on your back, shoulders and neck. If you want extra massage somewhere I recommend a treatment of 45 min or longer.

  • 700 SEK
    ca 45 min Half body massage Plus

    Here the focus lies on your back, shoulders and neck. In addition you can get massage on your legs or a section with extra tension or pain.

  • 910 SEK
    ca 60 min Body massage

    Focus is here on your back, shoulders, neck, gluteus, back and front of your legs and arms.

    If the time allows it you can also add sections with extra tensions or pain.