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    Day and Night cream (in the same jar)

  • FitLine Skin / FitLine Med

    Here PM-International did it again. With the NTC-technique built in the skin care products you will get results you can not get with anything else in the skin care world.

    NTC stands for Nutrient Transport Concept, a technique PM has the world patent of!

    As PM:s patents are on the end product (2019-06: 70 patents), no other company in the world are allowed to produce a product with the same effect as PM:s end product.

    So, when it comes to the skin care products with NTC it means that the cream with the nutrients you put on your skin goes deeper than any other cream or lotion. FitLine Skin or Med products travelles down to where your skin celles are made. 

    So (again), if you are both drinking FitLine and uses FitLine Skin/Med you get optimum nourishment from inside and outside.

    Contact me for more information of the products and how you can get minimum 20% discount of the entire assortment.

    Take a look here to see the entire assortment.

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