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    The text is taken from www.pegamo.se  from where I make my purchases.

    MSM  is and has always been a vital organic sulfur for the evolution of all life on our earth. 

    Early life species were referred to experimenting with the building blocks our earth offered for millions of years.

    The young troubled earth offered plenty of sulfur and carbon compounds, among other things. It is therefore no wonder that virtually all cells in humans and animals contain organic sulfur. In fact, organic sulfur is the body's eighth most abundant substance, by weight. Half of the body's sulfur is found in the skin and skeletal muscles.

    Where does MSM come from  ? What does the cycle look like?

    MSM  originates in the world oceans where plankton produces the sulfur compound  DMS  ( D in M ethyl S ulfide). DMS rises as a gas into the upper atmosphere and cooperates with the Ozone and the energy-rich ultraviolet light and is converted to  DMSO  and  DMSO2  (also called  MSM) .

    Since  MSM  ( DMSO2)  is water-soluble, the compound returns to the soil in the form of rain and is taken up there by the root system of plants and concentrated there. It is in this way that we humans and animals have received in us MSM since ancient times and consequently used as building blocks during the course of evolution.

    Now it is true that sulfur alone is not enough for the body's production and balances of amino acids, proteins, hormones and trace elements and "markers". In the production of these substances, nature has chosen to use methyl (methylation) as a catalyst in many cases.

    MSM - an effective methyl donor
    Since MSM consists of two parts of methyl and one part of sulfur, MSM acts as an effective methyl donor in the body. The chemical formula for MSM is CH 3 SO 2 CH 3. Methyl has the formula CH3 and MSM can in principle be seen as sulfur and oxygen flanked by two methyl molecules. There are numerous scientific studies that have studied how methyl is needed in various chemical processes in the body. Methyls usually get the body from the B vitamins type folic acid, B6 and B12 that we get through the diet. One of the reasons why we do not get enough methyl through the diet may be that the substances are very heat sensitive.

    MSM has been available for a number of years in the Swedish health food stores under the brand: LIGNISUL MSM and in equestrian and pet stores under the brand Alavis MSM.

    The following pages describe the important processes in our body where MSM is a very important component for us to function at all.

    MSM is classified as one of the most harmless preparations available. The US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) classifies MSM as as toxic as water! The FDA corresponds to our pharmaceutical company.

    MSM, the vital sulfur - a natural dietary supplement - not only for the elite athletes but also for you and me!
    Organic sulfur is an important component of the protein collagen and keratin. cartilage, tendons, brain, connective tissue, muscles, skeleton, skin, hair and nails. Half of the body's sulfur is found in muscles, skin and skeleton. If there is a lack of organic sulfur it can be expressed, among other things, in the form of deficiency symptoms. 

    By taking MSM daily in the form of a dietary supplement, you make sure to replenish the body's reserves of organic sulfur. Sulfur builds up the amino acids methionine, cysteine, cysteine ​​and taurine. 

    Sulfur is an important component of the body's struggle to neutralize toxins. It is one of the reasons why it has such a good effect on various allergies. MSM acts as a natural antihistamine that helps to reduce the body's response to various allergy-causing substances. 

    MSM is also a powerful antioxidant in itself, while the donated organic sulfur is converted to cysteine ​​and taurine - both sulfur-based amino acids and powerful antioxidants.

    Adequate methylation in the body means that we are not affected by elevated homocysteine ​​levels in our bodies. Homocysteine ​​is an amino acid that, in a healthy body, only exists for a few short moments, and then via remethylation is converted to methionine again. Homocysteine ​​can also be converted to cysteine ​​via transsulfuration and thereby also taurine. According to many analysts, homocysteine ​​is the culprit for many types of cancer as well as the development of cardiovascular disease. The homocysteine ​​prevents repair of the protein collagen, the protein that is basically all soft in the body made of. Since the vessel walls are also made of collagen, the naturally soft and smooth surface is destroyed to the extent that the bad cholesterol, LDL, attaches to the walls and starts plaque formation.

    Most of the cholesterol we have in our bodies is formed by the liver and it is an important substance for the creation of various hormones in the body. It has been shown that simple dietary adjustments many times have a greater impact on the body's cholesterol levels than the drugs prescribed by their doctor. Methyl also has a detoxifying task to perform in our bodies. So does sulfur, so you can justifiably say that MSM cleans poisons on two levels.

    MSM helps the body with the vital sulfur building blocks needed to create the essential amino acid methionine. Essential means that the body cannot create it itself, but it needs to come from the diet. From methionine, in turn, the amino acids are created taurine, cystine and cysteine ​​- which have different roles in the body's function. 
    Methionine is needed for the body to produce important neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin, as well as the body's own pain reliever, so-called endorphins. Cysteine ​​is one of the body's strongest antioxidants and is needed to fight all the free radicals that occur in the body. MSM is also used in the production of hormones and immunoglobulins, the constituents on which the immune system is based. Many people feel that they have a stronger and better functioning immune system with MSM. 

    Also, many of the B vitamins, such as B1 and biotin, depend on organic sulfur to be absorbed optimally by the body. MSM attenuates the nerve signals that travel through the so-called "c-fibers" in the nervous system. These nerve pathways are the ones that, among other things, convey long-lasting and painful pain. MSM is also very good at raising the pH in our bodies. Are you acidified? MSM makes you more basic!

    Mineral balance
    One of the reasons why so many people are getting sick nowadays is that we use fertilizers in our fields. Artificial fertilizer basically restores only the potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen balance. All other vital minerals are depleted and slowly but surely disappear from the cycle - with various deficiencies in us humans as a result. In the past, when using natural manure, all minerals went around the cycle, and both humans and animals were healthier. MSM helps you regain the balance of the vital substances methyl and organic sulfur.

    One can draw a parallel to the depletion of our world seas with what has actually happened in the fields that grow the crops we are so dependent on. The fields today contain about 85% less minerals than they did just 100 years ago. This, dear politician, is one of the main reasons why the number of ill-health is as great as it is today! 

    Minerals act as a kind of chemical catalyst for many processes in the body. If these catalysts are not available, many vital processes go on a low flame and different disease symptoms can occur. Our bodies depend on about 70 different minerals to function optimally. 

    The minerals required in small quantities are called trace elements and the daily intake is counted in micrograms.

    MSM helps the body repair itself at the cellular level. The deficiency is managed by giving the body the right material to repair itself with. 50 million cells per second are continuously exchanged in the human body. It is therefore important that the body always has the building material needed to generate the new cells. 

    Methyl and sulfur are important building blocks in this process.

    Possible detoxification effects
    Should you feel a little bad the first time you take MSM, it may be due to the detoxification effect that MSM has the ability to start. The body begins with the help of methyl and sulfur to get rid of stored toxins and it is when the toxins leave the body that you can feel a little strange. Should you experience it, we recommend that you reduce the dosage by half, drink plenty of water and endure! It can take anywhere from a few days to a week before the detoxification effect diminishes. 

    See it all as something positive - in the sense that the body has started a healing process, it just needs to do a major cleaning of the toxins first. Just don't think that something negative or dangerous is happening to you. Especially people who have used different medicines for a long period, or have been exposed to a lot of environmental toxins, can suffer from a detoxification effect. The effect comes from the body trying to get rid of stored toxins faster than the liver and kidneys can. Therefore, increase the dosage of MSM more slowly than you would normally.

    Take it very quiet at first. Take a dose equivalent to half a gram (half a spice measure) or even less until you start to feel better. Then slowly but surely go up in dosage when you feel you can do it!

    MSM in spray
    You can make your own MSM spray by taking some MSM powder and mixing it with six parts of water. It can then be used to dissolve nasal congestion, reduce snoring, drop in the eyes and spray on different body parts. By dropping a little MSM spray in the eyes, you can prevent the appearance of age. MSM softens the lens so that the eye muscles can focus properly. MSM keeps the lens soft and free of particles that might otherwise get stuck, obscure the lens and give rise to stares.

    MSM in ointment
    Since MSM has the ability to actually penetrate the outermost layer of skin and reach inflamed areas of the body, MSM can be used with good results in ointments and creams. You can make your own MSM ointment by taking an ointment that you usually use (eg an Aloe Vera) and adding it to MSM powder and letting it blend into the ointment. Push the powder into a mortar first so that it becomes a fine-grained powder. Then mix up to one-third MSM powder in two-thirds ointment. Then rub the ointment on the areas that you have inflammation or pain in. By treating your problems both with ointment and by drinking MSM loosely, you attack the problem from two directions and the chance of getting help quickly.

    MSM and rheumatic disorders
    MSM has a very good effect on many rheumatic disorders. In the United States, in a double-blind study, it was found that in the group of rheumatists who received MSM, as many as 80 percent of patients responded positively to the substance. On average, patients' pain decreased by as much as 82 percent.
    LIGNISUL MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) A DOUBLE BLIND STUDY OF ITS USE IN DEGENERATIVE ARTHRITIS (A Preliminary Correspondence). By Ronald M. Lawrence, MD, Ph.D.Assistant Clinical Professor UCLA School of Medicine Los Angeles, California 4/10/01

    Some patients with Sjögren's syndrome report that they have started their saliva production with the help of MSM. Rheumatists often get great help with rheumatic swelling by lubricating with MSM ointment. The swelling can go down drastically and the pain decreases significantly with the help of MSM. The fact that many rheumatics suffer from a lack of organic sulfur was discovered already in the 1930s, when it was found that rheumatists 'nails usually only contained one third as much sulfur as healthy individuals' nails.

    Scarring and burns
    MSM also has a very good effect on large scarring, so-called keloids. By lubricating these with MSM dissolved in ointment, you can many times get these down in size. 

    The scar tissue is assisted by MSM in dissolving the cross-links that have formed in the collagen structure of the scar during the healing process itself. The skin returns to become smooth and soft with MSM. This also works very well in scleroderma, which is a disease where the skin tightens and hardens. The same applies with burns that, with the help of MSM, can regenerate the skin areas and produce healthy less scarred skin. MSM contains the organic sulfur that the protein collagen needs to function optimally.

    MSM and Acne
    According to many analysts, MSM is one of the best remedies available to Acne. In the literature, there are numerous descriptions of people suffering from severe Acne, who quickly received help with MSM. The strong medications that health care has to offer often create a lot of unwanted side effects, as does MSM. MSM can both be drank and sprayed on the skin to help the body cleanse the skin.

    MSM and various skin disorders
    MSM is one of the two most important substances available for the body to maintain a proper collagen synthesis. The other substance is common vitamin C. Collagen is the body's most abundant protein and it is used to build blood vessels, connective tissue and skin. When our body gets a lack of MSM, it can manifest as dry and hard skin, which can also suffer from eczema and, in worse cases, self-cracks. These self-cracks usually appear under the soles of the feet or in the palms. 

    The skin can also become very thin which can be very troublesome, especially if it is under the soles of the feet.

    Effect of MSM compared to psychopharmaceuticals
    In studies conducted primarily in Italy, it has been found that supplementation of SAM-e (S-Adenosyl Methionine) has the same or better effect than medication with the modern SSRIs (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor) of Prozac and Zoloft . SAM-e produces results faster while not giving any pronounced side effects. 

    Since MSM, just like SAM-e, is an important methyl donor, MSM works indirectly for the brain to have its nutritional needs met in order to produce different signal substances such as dopamine, serotonin and acetylcholine. The result is that we feel more vibrant and more harmonious. There are some exciting books about the important role of methylation in the body. Below are some of them (just above the pictures on books).

    Note, however, that when it is found that too high doses of SAM-e for people suffering from bipolar disorder (manic depressive disorder) can result in their transition into the manic phase, then it is recommended that if one is bipolar in their position, agree with the amount of MSM you take. People who are bipolar tend to feel better and better the more MSM they take. Be careful not to take so much that it becomes difficult to unwind and sleep - and should your surroundings notice that you have become manic, the recommendation is to lower the dose with MSM.

    MSM and Candida
    MSM has a very good effect on the increasingly common Candidia infections that people suffer today. Dr. John Jeffries in the United States is one of the foremost experts in the field. His main weapon against Candida is MSM. We have a natural gut bacteria called acidophilus. It helps us absorb nutrition in the food we eat. 

    We also have a yeast fungus in the gut called Candida. The task of Candida is to ensure that the intestine does not overflow with unwanted bacteria and it lives on the nutrition created by acidophilus. When we take antibiotics, all the body's bacteria - including acidophilus, die, with the result that the Candidas fungi starve and enter the body in search of nutrition. When Candida reaches the vagina, it results in fungus in the abdomen. When the tongue gets a white coating (cod) it is Candida who has settled there. Candidia infections can also affect the eyes and ears. When Candida establishes itself in the bloodstream, we suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome because the Candidas fungi eat up the nourishment that the blood normally transports to the cells. Many also suffer from brain fog - the inability to think clearly and concentrate. Candida in the bloodstream is also usually marked by an unnatural sweets - the mushrooms like sugar and make the body feel an unnatural sweet craving. In addition, the fungus secretes toxins that contribute to a general poisoning effect in the body. This, combined with the fact that glands and cells do not get their nutrition, vitamins and minerals, lead to allergies to pollen, foods and fragrances. If you make the mistake of trying to treat the symptoms with antibiotics, the situation only gets worse. Avoid antibiotics and treat with MSM instead! MSM also raises the pH in the body, which causes the fungi to not thrive. Colloidal silver is also considered to have a very good effect on Candida. In addition, the fungus secretes toxins that contribute to a general poisoning effect in the body. This, combined with the fact that glands and cells do not get their nutrition, vitamins and minerals, lead to allergies to pollen, foods and fragrances. If you make the mistake of trying to treat the symptoms with antibiotics, the situation only gets worse. Avoid antibiotics and treat with MSM instead! MSM also raises the pH in the body, which causes the fungi to not thrive. Colloidal silver is also considered to have a very good effect on Candida. In addition, the fungus secretes toxins that contribute to a general poisoning effect in the body. This, combined with the fact that glands and cells do not get their nutrition, vitamins and minerals, lead to allergies to pollen, foods and fragrances. If you make the mistake of trying to treat the symptoms with antibiotics, the situation only gets worse. Avoid antibiotics and treat with MSM instead! MSM also raises the pH in the body, which causes the fungi to not thrive. Colloidal silver is also considered to have a very good effect on Candida. Avoid antibiotics and treat with MSM instead! MSM also raises the pH in the body, which causes the fungi to not thrive. Colloidal silver is also considered to have a very good effect on Candida. Avoid antibiotics and treat with MSM instead! MSM also raises the pH in the body, which causes the fungi to not thrive. Colloidal silver is also considered to have a very good effect on Candida.

    MSM and cardiovascular disease
    There is a small animal-based study in the US that states that laboratory animals (rabbits) who have a very cholesterol-rich diet do not develop plaque accumulation on the vessel walls - if they receive MSM at the same time! Incredibly exciting and maybe a way to avoid future heart problems.

    "There is evidence too that MSM may help prevent the narrowing of the arteries that causes heart attack and stroke, two major causes of death. Dr. Jacob's team gave 20 rabbits a high cholesterol diet and added MSM to the diet of 10 of them. In all of the rabbits, serum cholesterol levels went up very high, but the animals given MSM did not develop any fat in the arteries. They now plan to follow this up with a human study."

    The way it works is probably that MSM donates methyl to the body. The fact that our bodies have adequate methylation results in us being in control of homocysteine ​​levels, which can otherwise rise and cause blood vessel degeneration. Scientific studies have found that unless the methylation in the body works properly, heart and vascular diseases are affected fairly quickly. Since MSM also has a rejuvenating and softening effect on collagen and our blood vessels are actually made of collagen, so MSM helps to prevent the small cracks in the blood vessels that then replenish with cholesterol and then also calcium deposits. This leads to the atherosclerosis that leads to angina and later perhaps a heart attack that so many suffer in society today.

    It has been shown via labeling with radioactive isotopes that MSM is partially converted to the sulfur-bearing amino acids methionine, taurine, cysteine ​​and cystine. Now, Irish researchers at the Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin have shown that taurine softens the blood vessels of smokers. Read more about this in an article published in Aftonbladet's online edition: Taurin 

    Many doctors claim that cholesterol is not the underlying problem of cardiovascular disease

    MSM and dental health
    MSM has a good ability to fix problems with gum-related problems in the oral cavity. In the US, there are even toothpaste containing MSM. 

    If you do not have access to special MSM toothpaste, you can still get good effect by brushing your teeth with a little MSM powder. Dip a moistened toothbrush into the powder and then massage it into the gums with the brush. The MSM powder blends quickly into the gums and provides much needed biologically useful sulfur to the gums. Problems with bleeding gums usually disappear quickly after just a few days, and you get a healthier gum.

    MSM can also to some extent function as a tooth whitening agent. If you brush your teeth with MSM powder, you can get help keeping your teeth white and fine. 

    If you have problems with sensitive teeth and have problems with hot and cold food, then chances are that MSM can help you.

    In a recent study conducted in the US, it has been found that gum-related complaints were as much as 67 percent less in the control group, which in addition to regular prophylaxis, also had to brush their teeth with an MSM-based product. This compares with the group of patients who received only regular prophylaxis.

    MSM, hair and nails
    MSM supports the production of healthy and vibrant hair as well as strong beautiful nails by giving the body the biologically active sulfur that the protein keratin is so dependent on. 

    A double-blind study in the United States on hair and nails found that 100% of those who received MSM showed increased hair growth. Only one person who received a placebo showed increased hair growth. 
    In addition, 30% of people who received MSM had better hair quality in the form of increased luster. None of the people on placebo could show any improved hair quality.

    Another double-blind study shows that those who have received MSM have increased nail growth as well as thicker and stronger nails. Only 10% of those who received a placebo could show increased nail growth. None of the people who received a placebo could show stronger nails. The Effectiveness of the Use of Oral msm (Methylsulfonylmethane) Supplementation on Hair & Nail Health. By Ronald M. Lawrence, MD

    MSM and sports-related injuries
    MSM has a justification in the care and prevention of sports-related injuries. Such injuries usually heal faster and more effectively with the support of MSM. 

    This applies to both surgery-related wounds as well as cuts, ruptures and stretches. Small injuries, such as inflammation of the bone, are also less likely to occur if prevention is taken by MSM.

    A double-blind study conducted in the US found that sports-related injuries had a greater healing capacity (58.3%) compared to placebo (33.3%). In addition, the patients who received MSM had 40% fewer visits during the healing period. MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) 12/03/01

    MSM and training
    MSM has very good regulatory and injury prevention properties in sports. The body is not affected by lactic acid accumulation to the same extent as before. 

    This means that you can exercise longer and harder, and that you do not get training pain in the same way as without the supplement of MSM. This is used by many of the world's top athletes!

    MSM and snoring
    A study at Oregon Health Sciences University found that MSM in a 16% solution in water significantly reduced snoring in as many as 80% of the 35 people who participated in the study. The solution is sprayed into the nose and throat just before bedtime. Here are some more details around it:
    "Research at Oregon Health Sciences University on 35 subjects suffering from chronic snoring has shown that MSM as a 16% water solution administered to each nostril 15 minutes before sleep provided significant reduction in 80% of the subjects after one to four days of use. As a control, in eight of the patients showing relief with MSM, saline solution was substituted for MSM without their knowledge. Seven of eight patients resumed loud snoring. The change occurred within 24 hours of the substitution. After the MSM treatment was restored these eight again showed a significant reduction of snoring. After 90 days of treatment none of the subjects reported any toxic reactions".

    MSM tillsammans med mediciner
    MSM does not affect any other medication (there are no registered contraindications). However, MSM can affect the blood's clotting ability a little, much like Magnecyl, Vitamin E, Ginko Biloba and Omega-3 fatty acids do. MSM occurs naturally in meat, vegetables, fish, poultry, eggs and dairy products, but unfortunately has the property that it is quickly destroyed when heated or dried. Ordinary cow's milk actually contains up to 6 mg per liter, but since we pasteurize all dairy products - and that the MSM contained in the diet does not withstand heating, so much MSM is destroyed in the process. However, refined MSM in powder form is not heat sensitive. In fact, MSM powder can withstand being heated to the boiling point without being destroyed. 

    There are many nutrients that are negatively affected by heating. The vital vitamin folic acid is one example. When vegetables are heated, as much as 98% of the folic acid is destroyed.

    When you take a "drug" such as an anti-inflammatory or pain-reducing agent, you do not get help with repairing the damage, but you anesthetize and peel over the damage instead. It is also so bad that the usual drugs have been shown to cause many of the problems, the type of rheumatic problems that many suffer. 

    They are also one of the leading causes of stomach problems and bleeding ulcers. Common painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs work by inhibiting the body's production of prostaglandins. The problem is that there are bad prostaglandins and there are good prostaglandins. The bad ones are those that occur in inflammation and pain in the joints. The good ones have the function of creating a protective membrane in the stomach. The drugs that our doctors prescribe for us cannot distinguish between good and bad prostaglandins, with the result that we get help with the inflammation, but the stomach goes away with its protection against the hydrochloric acid that is formed and needed for digestion of our food. 

    The result is an abdominal stomach (gastric ulcer) and, in the worst case, bleeding ulcers. When you take MSM, you should of course try to keep up with the use of such painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs, as they, in addition to the side effects, affect how quickly and well results you get from MSM. It can be tough in the first few weeks before MSM has started working, but hold on! Let the body work well again, with the right conditions it can!

    MSM stops the degradation of cartilage in the body
    In a study conducted in the US, it is found that MSM actually has the ability to stop the degradation of cartilage that both humans and animals suffer from in various disease states. 

    The organic sulfur contained in MSM is absorbed by the body and provides the body with what it needs to handle maintenance and repair of cartilage in joints. MSM can actually replace glucosamine, as MSM provides the body with the sulfur it needs to produce its own glucosamine sulfate. Many researchers believe that the beneficial effects of glucosamine are due to the fact that most glucosamine products are made of glucosamine sulfate, ie a substance that contains bioavailable sulfur. 

    Now that the Swedish Medicines Agency has banned the sale of glucosamine preparations (supplements) to people, it may be good to know that you can switch to MSM with usually maintained results. It is even the case that MSM is a substance with a broader effect that is known to provide help with allergies, asthma and stomach problems, just to name a few. 

    Footnote: This is only information about MSM in general. All references to "MSM" generally apply to the subject and are based on the collective experience that users worldwide  have of the subject. Many books on MSM have also been written, unfortunately none in Swedish, yet.

    As current legislation prevents anyone from associating products with these statements, neither is it done. 
    All claims are only conveyed just as they appear in the literature. This means that you as a reader can get the same information by reading a book on the subject. Since MSM is only a dietary supplement, no medical claims can be made on the effect of the product. So we do not claim anything about the product, we only convey what is already read about the product through other channels!

    Consequently, since the product MSM cannot be patented, it is not possible to make the large investments in the form of the comprehensive double-blind medical tests required to claim that the product has any effect. This is the big dilemma that the simple, good solutions are often faced with. 

    This is why the world is full of patented drugs in the form of unnatural molecules that often only create imbalances in the body. Pharmaceutical companies have, in the usual order, refrained from developing medicines based on MSM, because you do not get the exclusive right in the market that you are used to with the patentable drugs. 

    Remember that many disease symptoms are due to a deficiency that should be corrected by giving the body the substance it is deficient in, not by ingesting foreign molecules in the form of various drugs that often create one side effect after another. Give the body what it lacks, it has the ability to repair itself!

    Read more ...
    Find more about MSM on the Internet: start looking at 
    http://www.msm.com Here is an interesting article in a nutrition-related journal "Nutrition Reporter" that deals with MSM:  Then continue searching through a good search engine type google at  http://www.google.com - enter "MSM" or MethylSulfonylMethane in English, or MethylSulfonylMethane in Swedish, so you will find very interesting to read! 


    There are some good books written too. Look at  http://www.bokus.se and order home! The book "The Miracle of MSM", it can really be recommended!  

    Other good and informative books are eg 
    "MSM - The Natural Pain Relief Remedy"
    Available at Bokus.se. A very interesting book on 210 pages.

    "The MSM Miracle"
    Available at Bokus.se. A good summary booklet of 48 pages by Earl Mindell. Provides a good overview of MSM.

    "The Power of MSM". Available at Bokus.se. A more comprehensive description of 130 pages of MSM by the same author as the booklet "The MSM Miracle". If you
    buy this book  you do not need to buy the booklet, as it is basically based on the same pieces. Brochures: Carolwood's Lignisul brochure. People and MSM. PDF brochure.




    ALAVIS MSM - Just as important to our friends in nature

    Alavis MSM  can advantageously be used by most animals. The largest and most common users are horses and dogs, but also other animals such as cows can benefit from the substance. 

    MSM provides the body with supplements of methyl and organically bound sulfur. Alavis MSM is available in a single package. The product contains pure MSM powder which is mixed directly into the animal's food or water. You can also mix it in an ointment and apply to the body. You can also make a spray of some MSM powder mixed with six parts of water. 

    A pound is enough for a horse and a month and a half. Alavis MSM contains 100% pure MSM.

    MSM is classified as a feed supplement at the Swedish Agricultural Agency. 

    We do not claim that the product has any other properties than it is a feed supplement. 

    However, with reference to the freedom of expression, we can convey information about the experiences of others in terms of both the research conducted on the subject and the personal experiences that users worldwide have made of the subject. However, we do not make such connections to our product Alavis MSM. By studying the topic, you can form an idea of ​​how the topic works.

    Since Swedish legislation prevents us from saying anything other than that MSM is a feed supplement, we do not. However, below, we invoke, under the Freedom of Expression Act, information about experiences and studies of MSM from all corners of the world. This is general information that is not linked to our products.

    MSM - MethylSulfonylMethane, is a natural sulfur based substance. Organic sulfur is an important building block in the body's production of amino acids, proteins, enzymes, hormones and immunoglobulin. Organic sulfur is something found in every cell in our bodies. In fact, it is the body's eighth most abundant substance, by weight - and it is an important component of the protein collagen and keratin that builds up cartilage, tendons, brain, connective tissue, muscle, skeleton, fur and hooves. In other words, organic sulfur is one of the most important components for a healthy and well-functioning body. If the body is not able to access sulfur to the extent it needs, deficiency symptoms can occur. 

    By supplementing the diet with MSM, you replenish the horse's sulfur supply and you get a nicer and more well-off animal. MSM is a naturally occurring substance out in nature. 

    It is available in milk and grass. Unfortunately, it is destroyed during drying and heating. It is expected that a horse that goes on green pasture will receive about 1-2 grams of MSM per day. 

    On the other hand, if the horse gets silage, it gets very little MSM - since the substance is destroyed during the drying process. When the horse is supplemented by MSM, the body can repair itself and that way stay healthier. The horse also has an improved circulation and oxygen absorption capacity. This, in turn, causes the lactic acid threshold to shift significantly.

    Many disease symptoms and thus given diagnoses can e.g. also due to severe mineral deficiencies in the mammal due to poor diet, poor uptake in the intestinal tract. Here is a list of various symptoms that horse and dog owners around the world have discovered, due to deficiencies in access for the animal of sulfur and / or methyl :
    Muscle pain.
    Rheumatic problems.
    Allergies. Pollen allergy as well as various food allergies.
    Pulmonary inflammation and other problems with the lungs.
    Poor wound healing.
    Parasitic Diseases. 
    Hoof. Head paralysis, trapping, hoof redness, mumps and joint inflammation.
    Cracked hoofs. 
    Stomach problems. Digestive problems and stomach ulcers. Constipation and diarrhea.
    Bad recovers training.

    Since MSM actually has the ability to penetrate the top layer of skin, you can mix MSM in an ointment and apply to the coat.

    Study shows that horses that get MSM become more durable and feel better. 
    In a study conducted by well-known veterinarian Ronald D. Riegel, it is found that the group of horses that received 20 grams of MSM daily in the diet, all reduced their training times on track by an average of 2.6 seconds. The horses become more prone to exercise and recover faster after training. The horses raise their lactic acid threshold significantly, which results in a completely different endurance on the track. Characteristics such as these have led many of the large stables in trotting and canoeing to catch the eye and with good results give their horses MSM as a supplement.

    Read the full study here: 

    Dosage instructions for horses:
    Do not see the dosage instructions as something you must blindly follow. You could very well experiment yourself. The higher the dose, the faster results you usually get. MSM is one of nature's most non-toxic substances and it has been found that it is as non-toxic as water. You need to come up in doses of several kilos per day, before a horse starts to feel badly off the dose. For the first ten days you give the horse 40 grams per day, then 20 grams a day in the future. A smaller pony gives you a slightly smaller dose. 

    Calculate about 30 grams over the first ten days, then 15 grams a day. MSM is a very well-documented subject. MSM has been studied extensively for about twenty years. It is a substance found in the diet and in the body, which both humans and animals feel good about getting as a dietary supplement.

    MSM for dogs and cats:
    Dogs and cats often have problems with the locomotive. By supplementing biologically useful sulfur in the form of MSM, the animal's bodies can perform maintenance and repair of the body to a greater extent than before. Old orphaned dogs and cats that exhibit obvious symptoms of wear will soon become more attractive and more mobile. 

    Dosage: A dog or cat weighing less than ten kilos is recommended to take 250-500 mg of MSM per day. If the animal weighs between ten to twenty kilos, 500-750 mg of MSM is recommended per day. A dog weighing twenty to thirty kilos should have 750-1250 mg. If the dog weighs thirty to forty kilos, 1250-2000 mg of MSM is recommended per day. 

    A dog weighing more than forty kilos should have 2500-3000 mg of MSM per day. 1000 mg corresponds to one gram which corresponds to a spice measure approximately.

    Cows have problems with the clefts
    Swedish cows have problems with the clefts. In a new study of 5000 West Swedish cows, 72 percent had some kind of injury to the clefts. The damage we see is often caused by the cows being in a poor environment. Then you usually see eczema or you see cloven rot, ie the loss of clover horns, or that they are affected by capture, an inflammation of the leather skin inside the clove capsule. MSM supplies the body with the biologically active sulfur needed to allow the clovers to be rebuilt sufficiently to avoid these problems.

    MSM, natural nutrition - no medicine
    Remember that MSM is just a dietary supplement and thus not a medicine. MSM does not affect other medication, there are no known contraindications.



    Here you can look in Caroldwood's own brochure of Alavis 
    MSM (otherwise the same MSM as Lignisul - MSM)

    We are sorry that we can only present it in English.

    Carolwood Alavis Brochure : Horses & Dogs MSM in  PDF format

    You need Acrobat reader for the above brochure. Download Acrobat reader for PDF from Adobe

    Our MSM is a product of 100% pure MethylSulfonylMethane of the best purity where our manufacturer is also a drug-producing company that meets the strictest standards and requirements for the manufacture of medicines and supplements!

    It should be clear that there are different classifications of MSM depending on the degree of purity, how and what it is produced.

    For example, it is prohibited within the EU to carry out a cheap MSM manufactured from Petrochemical products such as oil or its by-products. We also believe that MSM should be registered with the Swedish Board of Agriculture - with the rightly stated production company and country - in order for a consumer to feel confident in the quality of his MSM. For example, no MSM is produced in Sweden ...

    An insurance company would never agree to provide compensation for damage to a person or animal (due to product contamination) if there is no traceability to the manufacturer and the production batch!